In “Natural Immune Boosters,” we discussed some of the herbs we include in our products which are recommended as immune boosters. This blog can be seen as a follow up to that post, or a discussion of naturally occurring medicines that we use as supplements to our CBD products. Our bodies and our health have always been important, and the current pandemic is only a reminder that immune health is vital, and that there is no one “cure.” I will save the speech from “Natural Immune Boosters,” but please, let’s take care of ourselves!

 Herbs have been used as immune boosters, as aids to recovery, even as cures for different ailments for centuries with tons of documentation. In this blog post, we will talk about the antioxidant and adaptogenic supplements that you can find in Botana products, and why we use these supplements; specifically Maitake, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Osha, Amla, and Oregano Oil. To read our last post about other supplements used in our products, click here

some adaptogenic herbs

An Adaptogenic supplement is a great enhancement to other supplements and is suited for overall health. “Adaptogens are agents that help the body cope with stress, enhance physical and mental health and promote longevity. Adaptogens are therefore primarily used by healthy people to improve defenses, and increase resistance to a broad spectrum of harmful physical, chemical and biological stressors.” (1)

The ingredients we include in our Botana CBD products are all well-documented medicinal plants, some of which have been commonly used for THOUSANDS of years, and were used regularly in the West until very recently. With the advent of big pharma, the knowledge of many of these MEDICINES has been erased from the vast pool of public information. Luckily, Traditional Chinese Medicine and clinical herbalism have seen a resurgence in Western society through sharing and social media. Speaking of which, a note from the author: please share this blog with your friends if you enjoyed reading it. Leave us a comment, let’s talk about supplements, herbalism, hemp, or anything you feel is pertinent to our overall interest at Botana.

With the large corporate distrust many of us face today, herbs and other medicines from the natural world are, once more, seeing a wide usage among Westerners. With so much knowledge of these herbal medicines, it can be tough to know where to start. Mycology, specifically, seems to have peaked the interest of many. Adaptogens like Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, etc; can be found in juice bars and health food stores all over the USA. In our Water Soluble Stress Blend with Hemp Oil tincture, you will find both Reishi and Maitake.  

hen of the woods

You can read more about Reishi in our last post. Maitake like many other mushrooms, has been studied extensively as a medicinal mushroom. Maitake, also known as “ hen of the woods,” is widely known to have adaptogenic properties. On Green Med info, Maitake has been researched in 34 Pharmacological Actions. From Immune Disorders, to Cancers and Chemo, to Dry Skin and Inflammation, this is, essentially, the answer to all that ails us! Maybe, or maybe not, but there is no question that taking a Maitake mushroom supplement is no-doubt beneficial for our overall health and functionality. Take for example, this study on the Immune-enhancing effects of Maitake, as evidence to our claim. This study “focused on the effects of orally administered glucan Maitake and Shiitake on immune reactions…[and] found significant stimulation of defense reaction. In all cases, the most active was the Maitake-Shiitake combination, with Maitake alone being the second strongest, followed by Shiitake on its own and AHCC.” In conclusion, “Short-term oral application of natural immunomodulating glucans from Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms strongly stimulated both the cellular and humoral branch of immune reactions.” (2) Truly, an amazing, natural medicine, and one of many you will find in Botana CBD products.

In sticking with adaptogens, Ashwagandha is a supplement with a lot of buzz in health oriented shops, and for good reason. Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years. “The name translates roughly to "the strength of ten horses." One recent study has shown that Ashwagandha “improves immune function by increasing Th1(cell-mediated) immunity.” (3) ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is used in Ayurvedic medicine, a medicinal practice developed in “India during the Vedic Period more than 2,000 years ago.” Ayurveda is believed to be the world’s oldest healing science practiced today. “Considered one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurveda, ashwagandha is also known as winter cherry and Indian ginseng. As one might expect from ginseng, ashwagandha is invigorating! An adaptogen, it helps the body bounce back from illness, and gives overall energy and immunity a powerful boost. It has a reputation for enhancing sexual vigor, as well as improving mood and our ability to focus and concentrate.”  (4)  

Another well-known Vedic medicine is Tulsi, also referred to as holy basil. “Tulsi, means "the incomparable one." Medicine is made from the leaves, stems, and seeds. Holy basil is commonly used by mouth to help with anxiety and stress.” Tulsi is also considered an adaptogen, and helps to deal with life’s stresses. “Chemicals in holy basil are thought to decrease pain and swelling (inflammation). “ (5) tulsi

An interesting article from Marc Cohen, PhD, describes Tulsi as “First Aid in a Teacup,”and says that “in today’s stressful and toxic environment…[Tulsi] is a must have companion to support your health and well-being!” Recent research suggests that tulsi may support the human immune system to fight off infections while at the same time suppressing many bugs. More interesting information about Tulsi, like how tulsi plants detoxify the environment, can be found here. This important plant is something we absolutely want to keep in our medicine cabinet. In our Water Soluble Stress Blend with Hemp Oil tincture, tulsi is a supplemental ingredient, enhancing the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.


osha rootWe also include Osha in our stress blend. Osha, also referred to as bear root, is used as a decongestant and boosts the immune system. Many use Osha as a medicine for colds, bronchitis, fevers, even pneumonia and influenza. Osha root is antibacterial and also antiviral. It has even been used as an aid in the treatment of HIV/AIDS due to its antiviral properties. Interestingly, in our post COVID-19 society, it is good to also note that “Osha root is thought to be beneficial during times of acute or respiratory infections as well as sore throats and lung issues.” (6) Osha is, in my experience, fast acting. 

Many berries and fruits are known to be antioxidant rich, but did you know that Amla berries are also an adaptogen? Amla helps to “rid your body of free radicals, [has] anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and can help detoxify the liver.” Amla, also referred to as Emblica, or Indian Gooseberry, is antioxidant rich, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, apoptotic, analgesic, cardio protective, immunomodulatory, and so much more.amla Amla has been used as an anti-aging topical treatment. It’s healing properties are known to be good for the hair, skin, nails, and also for the brain, the liver, and kidneys. In Ayurveda, Amla is commonly put in tonics to promote healing and vitality. Amla is considered a superfood because of its high Vitamin C content. Amla is SO many things! (7 ) It is hard to pack such a dense food with such a dense history into a small piece of writing, so please, just trust us, and if you haven’t already, give Amla a try! It’s benefits are innumerous. Also, we include Amla in our Stress Blend. If you are looking to source Amla, or any other supplements we have mentioned, or just want to talk supplements in general, please leave us a comment below. We are happy to point you in the right direction for purchasing supplements, and also, curious to learn about what regiments you may already have in place. (8) 

Along with MCT oil and Black Seed Oil, which you can read about in our last blog if you haven’t already, one other oil we use in some of our products is Oregano Oil. Oregano, seems so ordinary. We see it all the time, in our favorite Pizzeria, fresh or dried in markets, in gardens, etc;. It has a unique, and in some quantities, unpleasant taste, depending on who you ask. Oregano Oil, carvacrol and thymol, as a concentrate, is, to say the least, extremely strong. It has an intense flavor, but you may not even notice it in our *vegan CBD Capsules. Oregano's use as medicine includes as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, apoptotic, anti-apoptotic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, cytotoxic, chemotherapeutic, the list goes on. Relevant to the CoronaVirus, Oregano, with other natural substances, improves symptoms of upper respiratory infection. Oregano fights off a long list of infections and diseases, from head lice to herpes, parasites and candida overgrowth, to alcohol and benzo[a]pyrene toxicity.

oregano Oregano Oil can help   with healing wounds, with athlete’s foot, with repelling insects, and even with “fighting cancer.” Oregano oil is also an aid to weight loss and disrupts the process that leads to the creation and accumulation of fat. (9)  “Oregano essential oil has been proven to repair the gut lining, which is key because so many people suffer from leaky gut...consuming 2-3 drops with olive oil in an enteric-coated capsule two times per day [can act] as a remedy.” (10) Along with CBD and Black Seed Oil, Oregano Oil rounds out our CBD Hemp Capsule and makes an excellent supplement.

Finishing covering our blog on Adaptogens included in our products, and also in giving some background on the bulk of our ingredients between this entry and the last, we hope you feel you have learned something or other about our ingredients and why we use them. If nothing else, hopefully you  just enjoyed a moderately scientific read. We are so thankful for your continued interest in our products, the world of supplements, and in learning about health and natural substances. We are always seeking new knowledge. Please reach out to us with a comment, a message or an email. We would love to hear from you. Until next time, we wish for you continued health, healing, and happiness.


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