Why we grow with organic methods


Unfortunately most Americans, including those who serve in government, are unaware that genetically engineered foods are on the market only because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has covered up the warnings of its own scientists, misrepresented the facts, and violated explicit mandates of U.S. law. This is why we choose to grow our own product from the root up. To give the consumer a great product that they don’t have to worry about. There are 30 points, outlined by Steven Druker who won a case against the FDA for fraud over GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), one being:


7. As the FDA was developing its policy on GE foods during 1991-92, there was not even consensus about safety among its own experts. The predominant opinion was (a) that these new foods entail unique risks, especially the potential for unintended harmful side effects that are difficult to detect and (b) that none can be considered safe unless it has passed rigorous tests capable of screening for such effects. These scientists expressed their concerns in numerous memos to superiors – memos that only came to light in 1998 when the lawsuit led by the Alliance for Bio-Integrity forced the FDA to divulge its files. (Copies of these FDA memos are posted at http://biointegrity.org/24-fda-documents)


You can view all points in the article below:


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