Full-Spectrum Hemp Tincture 750mg

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This Alcohol free Full-Spectrum Hemp blend contains 750mg of Hemp Oil concentrates and combines MCT Coconut Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride, derived from coconuts), making a readily bioavailable formula, which is solvent free. This product was formulated for both people and animals without alcohol, to give both users an alcohol-free product.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil (MCT), Full-Spectrum Industrial Hemp Oil (Raw/Spagyric), Black Pepper Oil (Spagyric), Peppermint Oil.

- Organic
- Spagyrically Processed
- Hand-Harvested


Botana's Premium Hemp-Based Oil Tinctures offers a truly distinct experience, while enjoying the nutritional benefits of hand-grown Organic Industrial Hemp. Our process is unique and leaves many of the plants constituents in their raw form.

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